Every single person that plays cricket wants to be the best that they can. In cricket there are three very important disciplines, and these are batting, bowling and fielding. If you play cricket as a batsman and want to get even better, then below are some cricket batting tips that you really need to take on board. If you remember these when you are batting, you will improve your chances of notching up the big runs. Shout out to the folks at cricket-betting.net.in for their assistance in writing this page.

Stand Sideways

You should always face the bowler with your feet no wider than shoulder-width – you need to bend with your hips and keep your back straight. As you are holding the bat ready to strike the ball, place your non-dominant shoulder in the direction of the bowler and never take your eyes off the ball. Your shoulders should never drop and they should be at eye level all the time. If you bat right-handed, then stand to the right of the stumps, while you should stand to the left of the stumps if you bat left-handed.

Holding the Bat

You should always hold the bat firmly and tightly. If you bat right-handed, then your left hand needs to hold the end of your bat with your knuckles facing the bowler while your right have needs to be placed above the left, and holding onto the bat with your thumb and two fingers. Your index finger and thumb should be placed in a V position as this gives a tighter and better grip. It is the opposite if you bat left-handed.

Distance Between You and the Stumps

When you go out to bat, draw a line in the dirt from the middle stump. This will help you keep track of where your stumps are when you are batting. You can use the end of your bat to draw the line, and it is known as the guard line. If you do not know where your middle stump is when you are batting, you will not score too many runs.

Batting Technique

When the ball is coming towards you, keep your lead leg in front of you and hold the bat so that it is pointing straight up in the air above your shoulders. If the bowler bowls a low ball, then take a step forward to hit it. If the bowler bowls a high ball, take a step backwards. When you are lifting your bat to strike the ball, make sure that your forearm is in line with your shoulder.

Always Watch the Ball

Always keep your eyes on the ball – if you watch it until it pitches, then you can work out the position that you have to be in to hit the ball. When the ball is coming towards you, think about the best shot for that type of ball. If the ball lands in one of your sweet spots, then you can drive through the covers, but if it pitches short, take evasive action.

Try to Keep Your Nerves at Bay

Being nervous when you are batting can lead to you making crucial mistakes that will throw you off you game and get you out. You should make it a habit of practicing your breathing and visualising the ball’s trajectory. Try to ignore all of the nervousness and excitement coming from the fielders and concentrate on what you have to do.

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