There are so many different bookies out there that Indian sports betting fans can sign up with that it would be foolish of you to just register with the first one that you come across. There are so many different aspects that you need to consider before you go ahead and take the final plunge. Thankfully, we have done a lot of the work for you by explaining below what it is that you need to look at when you are choosing a sports betting site.

Welcome Offers

When we encounter great offers online, we are naturally curious about just how legitimate it is. You are right to be so because there are now too many fraudsters about. However, when it comes to sports betting bonuses, there is absolutely nothing that you need to be skeptical about. Okay, there will be some terms and conditions that you have to stick to, but this is still way better than having to place bets using your own money. Bookies have to provide enticing Welcome Bonuses to try and attract new players to sign up with them, but not all bonuses are created equally. Some bookies might offer 2500 Indian rupees for you to open an account with them, while others might offer 10,000 Indian rupees. Therefore, by looking about a bit, you will be able to find a sportsbook that offers a decent Welcome Bonus.

Cricket Betting Markets

The more markets that a bookie makes available to their players, the more enticing they will be. There are plenty of different cricket markets out there, so if you register with the correct bookie, you can make sure that you will never get bored. Before you go ahead and register with a bookie, you should take a look at the different markets that they have available so that you can make sure they have exactly what you are looking for.

Cricket Odds

If you want to win decent sums of money, then the odds need to be decent. Therefore, the best way to make sure that you have a decent chance of winning a nice profit is to register with a bookie that offers their customers very good odds. You could also consider registering with a few online sportsbooks so that you can choose the best odds for a certain market that you want to bet on. A good way to see if a site has good cricket odds is to take a look at the odds given for a toss prediction. If the odds are 1.90, then it is a good indication that they provide competitive odds.


When you are searching for a bookie to register with and you find one that you do not know an awful lot about, then you should want to find out if they have decent security levels. Nobody wants to make a deposit with a bookmaker and then sign in the following day only to see that their money is gone, and the customer care team is nowhere to be found. Thus, before registering with a bookmaker, you need to do some research to ensure that it is secure and safe.

Customer Support

There will come a time where you need help from a customer support agent, no matter what bookie you register with, so you need to make sure that a bookie you are tempted to open an account with has decent customer service. The last thing that you want is to register with a bookie, run into an issue, and then spend ages trying to get it resolved. To see if a bookie has good customer support you can simply send them a mock problem and then see how they respond to you. If they take ages and come back with a lame answer, then move onto another bookie.

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When you think of sports that are popular in Ireland, you probably think of the likes of Gaelic football, Gaelic hurling, and football. However, there is one sport that is slowly growing in popularity, and that is cricket. Nowadays, there are 50,000 Irish people playing cricket across the country in schools, universities, clubs, and non-league teams. In 2007, this figure stood at around 15,000 people, which goes to show how it is growing in popularity.

History of Cricket in Ireland

The British, like they did in so many places, introduced cricket to the Irish, with the earliest known cricket game taking place in Dublin in 1792. At the beginning of the 19th century, cricket was being played in Ballinasloe and Kilkenny, and these clubs are still in existence to this very day. In 1855, the first Irish national side took on an English national side in Dublin, and the game became more and more popular up until the 1880s.

However, at the beginning of the 20th century, the Gaelic Athletic Association placed a ban on playing foreign games, and this was not lifted for almost seven decades. Anyone who was caught playing foreign sports such as cricket would not be allowed to play Irish games such as Gaelic football or hurling. After the ban was lifted, cricket started to become popular again, and when the nation had success at the World Cup in 2007, there was an even bigger increase in popularity.

Ireland became Full Members of the ICC in 2017, meaning that they are now able to play Test Cricket. They played England for the first time in a Test in 2019 at Lord’s and although they were comfortably beaten in the end, they did manage to give England a little bit of a scare.

Betting on Cricket

The Irish love to bet on many sports, and cricket is one of them. When it comes to bookies to choose from for betting on cricket, the Irish are actually quite spoiled for choice. There are plenty of sports betting sites out there that are more than happy to accept Irish punters and that offer a wide variety of cricket betting markets and odds that are very reasonable. Irish cricket betting fans can bet on the exact same markets that everyone else can, which includes the likes of:

  • The winning team
  • Number of runs scored
  • Whether a batsman will score a century
  • The next mode of dismissal
  • The number of runs scored in an over
  • The batsman who will score the most runs
  • The bowler who will get the most wickets

So, what are the best bookmakers for Irish players to bet on cricket? Well, in our opinion, Irish cricket betting fans cannot go wrong with the likes of Betiton, Betway, and Mr. Green. If you decide to create an account with one of the aforementioned bookmakers, then we are certain that you will have a fantastic cricket betting experience every single time that you log into bet.

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Every single person that plays cricket wants to be the best that they can. In cricket there are three very important disciplines, and these are batting, bowling and fielding. If you play cricket as a batsman and want to get even better, then below are some cricket betting tips that you really need to take on board. If you remember these when you are batting, you will improve your chances of notching up the big runs.

Stand Sideways

You should always face the bowler with your feet no wider than shoulder-width – you need to bend with your hips and keep your back straight. As you are holding the bat ready to strike the ball, place your non-dominant shoulder in the direction of the bowler and never take your eyes off the ball. Your shoulders should never drop and they should be at eye level all the time. If you bat right-handed, then stand to the right of the stumps, while you should stand to the left of the stumps if you bat left-handed.

Holding the Bat

You should always hold the bat firmly and tightly. If you bat right-handed, then your left hand needs to hold the end of your bat with your knuckles facing the bowler while your right have needs to be placed above the left, and holding onto the bat with your thumb and two fingers. Your index finger and thumb should be placed in a V position as this gives a tighter and better grip. It is the opposite if you bat left-handed.

Distance Between You and the Stumps

When you go out to bat, draw a line in the dirt from the middle stump. This will help you keep track of where your stumps are when you are batting. You can use the end of your bat to draw the line, and it is known as the guard line. If you do not know where your middle stump is when you are batting, you will not score too many runs.

Batting Technique

When the ball is coming towards you, keep your lead leg in front of you and hold the bat so that it is pointing straight up in the air above your shoulders. If the bowler bowls a low ball, then take a step forward to hit it. If the bowler bowls a high ball, take a step backwards. When you are lifting your bat to strike the ball, make sure that your forearm is in line with your shoulder.

Always Watch the Ball

Always keep your eyes on the ball – if you watch it until it pitches, then you can work out the position that you have to be in to hit the ball. When the ball is coming towards you, think about the best shot for that type of ball. If the ball lands in one of your sweet spots, then you can drive through the covers, but if it pitches short, take evasive action.

Try to Keep Your Nerves at Bay

Being nervous when you are batting can lead to you making crucial mistakes that will throw you off you game and get you out. You should make it a habit of practicing your breathing and visualising the ball’s trajectory. Try to ignore all of the nervousness and excitement coming from the fielders and concentrate on what you have to do.


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